Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 28 – North Macedonia

North Macedonia – Andrea – Circles

At this point, let’s gloss over the North Macedonian national final and the fact that the juries gave this the nod over the other song because, frankly, it would just hurt our collective heads.

Onward, then, to the song from Andrea, and just when you think that the last thing this year’s Contest needs is yet another angsty song from a female vocalist, swipe me, that’s exactly what pops up. But this seems to be of a higher quality than others I have reviewed.

I suspect that when this gets to Turin, it’s going to be performed feistily – and apparently that *is* a word, who knew? Because, and this is no slight, it looks like Andrea comes from the Macedonian equivalent of a council estate. One of those people who is permanently angry … Well, I’d cross the street to avoid her, let’s say that.

Vocally, this seems perfectly adequate, and despite it being in a very overcrowded genre ‘Circles’ stands out because of that vocal. Sadly, she is clearly better than the song because it seems not to have a clear structure nor a clear climax (or indeed any sort of highpoint).

It’s all a bit underwhelming and ends up fading away into nothingness.

Phil’s Score – 4 Points

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