Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Croatia

Putting aside recent controversy about how much of this song was cut and pasted from a backing track that the creator seems to have also sold to someone else, it’s not the worst Eurovision song from Croatia – that was last year.

The opening is suitably dramatic, and I like the instrumentation. Franka has an interesting (in a good way) voice, and the addition of sax and strings works really well. Note to Macedonia, this is how you make three songs sound like one.

I tend to lose the love for any song when the singer starts talking, and so when Franka spouts nonsense about being like Bonnie and Clyde, my heart sinks. If there’s any chance this could go, I’d be ever so pleased.

All things considered, it’s going to struggle. There are far stronger songs in the first semi-final, and it might find itself in that awful 11th or 12th place.

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