Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 5 – Austria

Cesar Sampson

Cesar Sampson, Austrian through and through, has got this song, right, and he’s trying to meld two of Austria’s favourite styles of music … soul, yeah and gospel in order to provide us with his entry.

The first thing we have to say here is, “Thank god he can’t do the video as his stage show” because, quite honestly it detracts from the lyric, which is quite powerful when you listen without all the video shenanigans.

I hear where the soul parts of the song are – they are telegraphed quite well. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear occasional musical similarities to last year’s Bulgarian song – “Beautiful Mess” (from the same witing/production team), but I think the gospel backing singer idea and the gospel-type gear change in the final minute and a bit is going to be downplayed (Like Tose Brito for Portugal back in 1995), and it had better not be.

YES, get them in white gowns and show them off, because if they get this right – and tone down the visuals – this has the potential to be a good track. I do think, however, it’s possibly one phrase too long, but I can see the potential.

Phil’s Score – Five Points.

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