Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Albania

It’s that time of the Eurovision year. OnEurope kicks off its annual countdown of the songs hoping to become your new number one.

Every day or two, you get reviews from me, Monty and Mr Phil. At the end of 41 days, we tot up the combined scores and announce the points from the OnEurope jury.

With no more ado, let’s start my 2019 countdown in Albania.

I left it a while since last listening to Jonida Maliqi’s song, in the hope I’d find love for the (traditional) mid-March revamp.

Last year, I adored the Albanian song, this year, not so much.

‘Ktheju tokës’ (to my eyes and ears) recalls what we used to call a bit of an entho-banger in the mid 1990s. Except it lacks much in the way of bang.

Jonida wails and the song meanders pleasantly, but there’s little here to tempt my voting finger.

2 Points