Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 1/37 – Albania

So as night follows day we start the countdown with Albania.  Also, as night follows day, it is almost certain that a shouty woman will be representing Albania and, even in a year of uncertainty, some things remain ever constant.

This actually starts out relatively normal – for the first 20 seconds until besa decides to channel her inner Froken Snuss <insert> – right down to the horse in the video.

The song itself is “ok” and as anyone who has listened to me waffle on about songs for the last 25 years, that’s the most backhanded compliment one could possibly give.   It completely passes me by as a piece of music and even the “interesting” Visuals do nothing for me.  It doesn’t go anywhere, it doesn’t break any norms, it just wends it way to its inevitable climax.

4 pointsThis song will have its constituency, probably those on Social Media who think that a woman singing a song should automatically qualify because she “slays” and is a “kween” – Besa is neither of those things – she a performer singing an average song and, as such, it deserves an average mark.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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