Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2024 – Part 1 Albania – Titan by Besa

As ever Albania remains one of the first countries to choose an entry, but among the last to reveal their zhuzhed-up Eurovision revamp. Besa’s beefed her song up with a lyrical change from her asking if her lover is strong enough for her, to taking the reins as a Titan herself. She’s dropped a line about being in love with a bastard too, probably wise for EBU compliance.

Titan arrives as a blend of drama and pop casting Besa as a titan in disguise with a glimpse of the metaphoric armour she wears below the surface. In the Albanian national competition, her armour was more literal, sporting a nifty breastplate for the semi-final, that was replaced by a golden Madonna-bra by the final with ample and, well, cascading bosoms spilling forth.

There’s a hint of Eurovision past in the video’s visuals with Besa at one point sat on a Dami Im-like cube. The next minute she’s astride a horse channelling Beyoncé, or, if you fancy a deeper dive down the 2024 iceberg, Fröken Snusk. She’s also draped in something that might be a bathtub but might also be a giant pet food bowl, though Besa’s far from being a dog’s dinner, believe me.

7 pointsFrom the Festivali i Këngës we know that Besa can belt it out, so expect a big moment as she performs this in Malmö. Being Albania, it’s no surprise to think that this might be the primest of the 2024 candidates to “do an Albania” – qualify for final and end up around 22nd.

Photo credit: Piero Beati/EBU

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