Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Part 11 – Denmark


Leonora, the Danish singer, and I have some things in common. We share a birthday (albeit 28 years apart) and a polyglot bent. What we don’t share though is a like of this song.

Leonora loves it, or at least I presume she does as it’s taking her all the way to Eurovision. I, on the other hand, can’t stick it. In fact, I so can’t stick it that in all its cheery, saccharine tweeness it’s bordering so much on the offensive that it’s my least favourite song this year and even the only one I actively dislike. Urgh!

I do try not to be a killjoy (heck, I’m even trying to find nice things to say about the UK this year), but I just dislike this so much. There’s many of you who don’t feel the same way, including 42% of the Danish voting public, so perhaps it’s easiest for me just to graciously back out and let those of you who do like it enjoy it. Go on. Knock yourselves out.

Monty’s score: nul points!