Monty’s Eurovision Countdown – Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech Republic – My Turn by Martina Bárta

From the very, very first time I heard that clunking repetition in the opening line of this song I’ve been bored to tears with it. With four non-qualifications, two of which were dead last in their semis, and a second-to-last in the final, Czech Republic has probably the worst record of any country still bothering to try, but when this is the level of effort they put in you really have to question whether it’s worth it. It’s a shame as I felt they deserved much better last year, but this isn’t keeping the level up at all. Martina is already beleaguered by having a ballad in a year there’s too many of them vying for the same votes, but she’s also beset by one that’s as dull as ditchwater and never even threatens to be interesting. It must be terribly dispiriting to know you’ve got the biggest gig of your life but you’ve been saddled with such a duffer of a song. I’m even bored of writing about it now. Skip!

My marks – nul points!