Monty’s Eurovision Countdown – Denmark

Denmark at Eurovision

Denmark – Where I Am by Anja Nissen

Time now for the entry from Australia. Oh, wait. We’ve already had that. This could have been it though: Australian-born Anja Nissen has teamed up with Australian songwriters for this, but it’s under a different flag. With her characteristically Scandinavian looks Anja is also a Dane and flies the flag for her parents’ home nation. Actually, perhaps I’m being unfair to Australia, as given their great start in the Contest I’m not sure they’d have this song anywhere near them.

It’s not that it’s terrible, in fact, both the song and Anja are mildly engaging. But not very. Her mid-tempo power ballad may hit some impressive notes, but beyond those it’s a bit style over substance. Those people you see in the video dashing out to the loo as she starts have the right idea. I would be having a look to see if the bar’s still open as well, as even at Danish prices it would help you think this was just a little bit more interesting.

My marks – 5 points