20 May – To you I’m so easy

We all want to see a new country win, don’t we? Whether it’s to experience a new take on our favourite TV show, or to try the local cuisine, or practice a different way of asking for a beer. That’s what makes Eurovision so special.

One of the many countries yet to win is Albania, and they try so hard. They’ve tried in English and Albania, but nothing better than fifth in a Grand Final, a finish in the teens is usual. One who finished in the teens was today’s birthday girl Juliana Pasha. She told us it was all about you whoever ‘you’ was and breezed through her semi-final in Oslo. Onto the final and she finished 16th, getting one maximum in the process. It was 12 years ago now, but people are still asking who it’s all about to this day.

Juliana is 42 today.

Gëzuar ditëlindjen Juliana!