10 March – I know it’s not as crazy as it may seem

Eurovision attracts singers both young and old. We’ve had nonagenarians on stage. And mere children. Well, not the children any more, but never forget our show’s history.

Today we have a singer who was towards the younger end of the spectrum when he took part in 2019. A teenager in fact. It’s today’s angelic birthday boy Roko Blažević. He wowed us all while dressed in white with his funky angel wings. He’s obviously not an angel as angels are never teenagers. Despite the song being co-written by fan favourite Jacques Houdek, he couldn’t get out of the second semi-final in sunny Tel Aviv. The televoters liked his song more. Still, it meant he could point and laugh at the finalists.

Roko is 22 today.

Sretan rođendan, Roko!