Do Let 3 have a tractor?


So, back after a late lunch of champions (polished off with some Malted Milk biscuits covered in chocolate – if ever a biscuit deserved a chef’s kiss… it’s that one) and straight into Croatia.

Their second rehearsal was… just like a second rehearsal (thanks for that), and they hope it will be OK in their semi-final. They then get asked which other countries’ songs they would like to perform, and Latvia gets a look in, as does Czechia and they have a soft spot for Serbia.

The band was formed in Rijeka, the rock capital of the Universe. Did rock have a strong influence? Yes, they are the generation of punk and nu-wave, and one of their numbers was in a cult band (Yes, I checked. He said that right), and Rijeka and Liverpool are almost the same… I can’t see that myself because one is in the sun!

When asked to describe their performance to a newbie, the band are “pure Let 3” … dynamic and full of energy with make-up and pyro—a big three minutes of emotion.

Apparently, the tractor cannot be on stage, and the group are disappointed by that. Still, they are quite firm in their belief that the group’s ethos ensures the listener is provoked into a reaction – they know they have haters, but they don’t seem to be that worried “Every action is a reaction”. They aren’t a joke band here. They know exactly what they are doing. 

If they were to create a stage show of their journey to Eurovision, they would call it Flying Circus because they fly all around Europe and other delegations. They are 100 per cent convinced they are getting to the final: “It’s sealed”, they said – they might well be right.