Wild Youth – What’s the wildest thing?

Wild Youth
Photo: Chloe Hashemi / EBU

The final TikTok live of the “morning” saw Irish Wild Youth interviewed by Timur. Let’s hope they are as forthcoming as everyone says!

The boys seem to be happy with the performance – they have adjusted some lights and outfits and feel comfy with the performance. Even after so many rehearsals, they still love the song – that’s lucky!

RTE has given the boys a budget to scale up their performance from The Late Late Show, which was more about the colouring than the actual staging. They are then asked what their wildest live performance was and say that was in Croke Park Dublin in front of 85,000 fans … and performing at Eurovision.

The boys said they loved visiting and performing in Spain, adding they had never been to Warsaw. Back to fashions, their inspirations are Elvis, David Bowie, Billy Idol, and many old-school performers.

The Desert Island Eurovision question – which three performers and which three objects would they take along? Alesandra and a piano. Joker Out because they are like their brothers, Let 3 and a tractor – or Loreen whom they would love to speak to (I’d want her on a desert island too, but that’s another story).

Are they under pressure from Ireland being the “home” of Eurovision? Not really, because it’s been a while since the Irish last won, and the first hurdle is to get through the Semi Final – they put pressure on themselves to perform and want to make everyone proud.

Just in case you wanted to know, their favourite snack is tea and chocolate or Maltesers and popcorn.

They are trying to be good in Liverpool and not burn themselves out with karaoke and Guinness!