second semi final result in Croatia

Well this one was a lot better than the first semi final – though that would not be very hard!  this was the one with Baby Lasagne in it who was, just to remind you, the 29th song in a 28 song final and only got in due to one withdrawing.

Those results are:

Plavi leptirLu Dedic
Nebo placeJames Night
Ne vjerujem tiLara DemarinQ
A Tamburitza LullabyAlen ÐurasQ
Od kad te sanjamThe Splitters
Can We TalkBoris ŠtokQ
Rim tim tagi dimBaby LasagnaQ
Pametnom dostaET
Slatke suze, gorka ljubavVatraQ
Voljena ženoDamir KedžoQ
DijamantiNatalie BalmixQ

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