Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 8/37 – Cyprus

Cyprus – Andew Lambrou – Break a Broken Heart.

After years and years of banger by numbers sung by woman type people, CYBC and Panik records have gone for a non-woman, and a good looking one as well.

I may be slightly swayed by the leather jackets and the suits the stubbly Andrew has in the preview video and, it could be argued, that Panik records are just shifting focus to a different denominator and that CyBC need a change of direction, and that is certainly a valid point of view.  The song itself is a very middle of the road, safe, mid tempo song that plods along and I suspect there will be the male staging equivalent of Fuego in this, showing off Andrew’s “talents” so to speak but the song that he’ll be trying to sell is just stale and listening to it is more of a chore than an enjoyable experience.  By the time I get to the bridge of the song I seem to be looking at my watch rather than waiting for the key change that the song expects to give me, but doesn’t.

I often say that songs could have been a lot more but, in truth, this is always at the level I expected this to be at, and that’s a shame.  It won’t show Andrew’s vocals off to their max and it even ends with some risky high notes.  Does this have any televoter constituency? – Nope – and that could well be its undoing.

Phil’s score – 3 Points

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