27 October – Leave the windows open wide

Do you remember the start of this century/millennium? The bug was behind us and we had a whole new one hundred/one thousand years to look forward to. And of course our favourite TV show carried on.

One year in, and we found ourselves in Parken, the biggest venue ever to host the show. The winners came from beautiful beautiful Estonia, and one of the lead duo was today’s birthday boy Tanel Padar. He’s a national hero – rightly so – and has had a colourful life so far. But back to 2001, everyone was topping other countries to win, so to many Estonia’s triumph was a surprise. This writer is pleased Tanal and Dave won, as it proved anyone can win, even if you’ve got a very small population but have a good team. They scored off every country except Portugal, and got the top score from nine countries. Out of 22. That’s some record. So whether or not you like this song, Tanel, Dave, and 2XL must have done something right.

Tanel is 43 today.

Palju õnne sünnipäevaks, Tanel!

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