30 August – Reckless type of love, reckless type of love

As I’ve mentioned before, many songs that we expect to do well, fall at the semi-final stage. We ask ourselves why. Well at least I do.

Even more so when our friends in Estonia perform this non-qualifying trick. Admittedly, sometimes I wonder why a musical nation picks a certain song. I won’t name names. Sometimes, however, Estonia sends a certainty. Back in 2017 in beautiful Kyiv, ERR sent Koit Toome and today’s birthday girl Laura Põldvere with a Sven Lõhmus song. What could possibly go wrong? Every expert tipped it to qualify at a canter. Well, the audience liked them, placing them sixth. But the pesky juries put them 17th. Of 18. Pulls sad face. Anyway, here they are.

Laura is 34 today.

Palju õnne sünnipäevaks, Laura!