Estonia – Problems abound.

Victor Crone at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv

You know what you are going to get with Victor Crone: a solid performance from someone who knows when to look at the camera and hits his marks.

On the first run-through, I worried about the change to the high part of the first verse. It seemed strained, even though it hadn’t changed since Eesti Laul. What they did do, however, was to try and recreate the storm animation from that national final, but they mixed in the stand-in footage. Suddenly, Victor was replaced by a younger, hairier man … cue guffaws from the Press Centre and panic from those in charge and who don’t know as much as OnEuropeans (readers included).

They then turned off the screens, so they could record the storm effect, and that used most of what remained of Victor’s rehearsal time.  I don’t know if anyone had planned for things to take that long. And even then, when we finally got to see a rehearsal, the backing graphics looked to be running a good three-quarters behind the song.

Everything looked and felt rough. So much so, that Victor left the stage at speed.

There remains a lot to do here.

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Jim Walsh
5 years ago

Hey guys! Quick question. When you talk about pre-recorded footage how is this being blended with the live vocal? Surely this seems to be muddying the waters between a live performance and a video?