4 May – Killing me soft with the big brown eyes

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You have to feel for the Class of 2020. Well, maybe not all of them as they got held back and became part of the Class of 2021. But those who ‘graduated’ in 2020 so they were off the scene a year later must have felt very hard done to.

One of that select band who were case aside after 2020 was today’s birthday boy Benjamin ‘Ben’ Dolić. He hailed from Ljubljana but after some success in Slovenia (and a dalliance with Ema) he moved to Germany and made his fortune – of sorts – there instead. The German broadcaster ARD, in its infinite wisdom, selected young Ben internally, instead of having ‘Ein Lied für Rotterdam’. Well, you know what happened and a year later Germany didn’t feel any hate at all. But maybe Ben did.

Ben is 27 today.

Frohe Geburtstag/Srečen rojstni dan, Ben!

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