1 June – I lay down and cry, and the rivers are dry

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We move north after our little sojourn into the Balkan world. And to someone who has been on that stage twice. Once alone, and once with a pal. You see it’s true that some just can’t get enough of the heady Eurovision scent.

Today’s birthday Jónsi (né Jón Jósep Snæbjörnsson) was there at the dawn of the semi-final in the host country in 2004. He’d made – at the time at least – one of the longest possible Eurovision journeys to get to the host city. Once in İstanbul he didn’t have to go through the semi-final on that warm Wednesday evening. So onto the final and he had to follow one of the qualifying semi-finalists. One that eventually finished third. That meant he’d got a little overshadowed. No matter, he tried again in 2007 before making another long journey in 2012. Jónsi must have something he likes about the Turkic world.

Jónsi is 47 today.

Til hamingju með daginn, Jónsi!

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