3 June – You kept putting out the fire

What do you think of the three Baltic states? They had their fair share of success and failure, with those two things seemingly concentrated in some areas more than others.

We know that Estonia has won, and Latvia has won. Lithuania is still waiting, despite some gallant attempts through the years. One that had a very good try was sung by today’s birthday girl Monika Linkytė. In 2015 she had her pal Vaidas Baumila had a progressive act on stage, that may (or may not) have won them some extra votes. The song was enough, but there are always to squeeze out those extra votes. If you watch, you’ll understand why. In 2023 she tried again as a soloist. She again made the Grand Final and did even better. Who knows, Monika might have another go in the future and get closer to being Lithuania’s first contest winner.

Monika is 32 today.

Su gimtadieniu, Monika!

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