18 December – The dance of the leaves when the autumn winds blow

A winner? What’s that? You want a winner? But not a recent one? Well, you’ve come to the right place. And it’s winner that no-one has yet equalled.

No, they’re not Swedish – those six-win also-rans. We’re talking about the one person to achieve a seventh win for their country. It’s today’s birthday girl Eimear Ní Chuinn/Eimear Anna Quinn. She’s also, technically, at least, Mrs Eimear Curran, and wife of the current Director-General of the EBU no less. But back in 1996, she was just a girl in a white dress who beat Norway, Sweden and a whole host of other countries. She got seven maxima out of 22. And 48 points ahead of second. A remarkable feat. Sadly Ireland has yet to register its eighth win, but who knows what could be just around the corner.

Eimear is 50 today.

Happy birthday/Lá breithe sona, Eimear!