2 October – On a cloudy day

Now there’s a lyric. It almost invites three dots after it, where you can fill in your own conclusion. On a cloudy day… you can see Carola’s wind machine. For example.

Actually, today’s birthday boy might not see much cloud, as he’s from sunny Israel. It’s דוד ד’אור‎/David D’Or (né דוד נחייסי/David Nehaisi), and his vocal range has to be heard to be believed. Some might think that rather than a man with a large range, his voice was a tad more feminine. But no, it’s definitely David. Even though he tried with this song, he was the first ever performer to finish eleventh in a semi-final. He was therefore a trailblazer, but perhaps not in the way he would like.

David is 57 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, דוד