4 April – Clouds still float over the city houses

There’s a lot of interest in one or two countries in the 2018 edition of our favourite TV show. This happens every year, and sometimes it pans out and sometimes not. For fear of reprisal I won’t mention any particular country as it may be the kiss of death.

In other news, I’ve gone for a runner-up who has a big birthday today. He came a distant second in the 1980s, when that was very difficult to do. To be honest, when today’s birthday boy אבי טולדנו/Avi Toledano stood on the stage in Harrogate, he must have thought his luck was in. And the along came Nicole… He tried in 1983 as a writer. After all, he couldn’t get beaten by the singer on last two years in a row, could he? And then along came Corinne Hermès…

Avi is 70 today.

יום הולדת שמח, אבי!

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