Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 9 – CROATIA

Croatia at Eurovision

Crazy by Franka

Croatia is another country that has flirted with a few years of success, only to back off again, and with 5 non-qualifications and a couple of years off, hasn’t seen the top 10 since 2001. Even the UK’s managed it twice since then!

Last year both sides of Jacques Houdek gave us an unlikely comedy highlight. Franka is considerably more reserved. I like her; she’s had a crack at getting to Eurovision twice before, and in 2009 her Pjesma Za Kraj was our choice for our Second Cherry second chance party. She’ll also find favour from many fans for her previous support for same sex marriage in a charity single Ljubav za sve, after her predecessor’s more questionable views on the gays.

Crazy is a sassy affair, with jazzy undertones, and a spoken section in the middle, which you fear she’ll tire of in rehearsals and is the one flaw in an otherwise passable, modern pop song. Well, I say the one flaw, but there’s also the fact that a Romanian rapper uploaded pretty much the same song to YouTube two weeks before this was released, with different song writing credits. Hashtag awkward. A somewhat bumbled statement appears to suggest the producer “mistakenly” sold the rights to it by uploading the wrong files to a commercial site, but in light of further information we might be left wanting for a better explanation.

I’m left wanting for a better song, too, if I’m honest; I prefer the Balkan pop Franka, rather than this more polished, sleek, contemporary one, and the song isn’t really ticking my boxes. I also think, in battle with a heck of a lot of competition in that fiendish first semi-final, this won’t quite have what it takes.

My marks: 5 points

Will it qualify? No

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