Italy – Clearly they have chosen to win….

Photos taken by Albin Olsson during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

As we have said before on here, Italy only need to choose to win and they will…  I think they have chosen.

Francesca comes on stage surrounded by the Garden of Eden, and that’s the motif of the whole three minutes and they are the only act that are using graphics on screen during the songs.  It’s a song that is sung with real conviction down the camera with a sweetness that only diabetics will understand, but she’s clearly on Insulin to regulate it as it is just the right side of good.

Juries will lap this up, it’s a gorgeous well crafted song presented simply and sweetly by a singer that is emoting a powerful song.  She has a really good voice and has connected with everyone here.

Television viewers will see this and go, “Blimey… that’s good is that?” You don’t need to have Opera to get televotes.

Look into her eyes, she believes she can win – RAI believe she can win – more importantly SVT think can win…..