22 August – We never stop

If you’ve read a recent novel by a certain Eurovision fan, you’ll know which country he sets his story in. It’s a country that has yet to win the real thing, but they’re ever hopeful. And so are we.

Our friends in Moldova have been very enthusiastic entrants since débuting in 2005. There have been some memorable performances and not that many non-qualifications. In 2007 TRM sent today’s birthday girl Natalia Barbu. She had to battle through the biggest semi-final of them all, finishing tenth. She then got to sing last in Helsinki and also finished tenth on the big night. Singing last obviously makes you memorable in the eyes and ears of the average televoter, but you’re always last at the free Green Room bar too. So it’s a double-edged sword. Anyway, Natalia can take comfort in that only three Moldovan acts have done better. That’s definitely a fight Natalia is winning.

Natalia is 43 today.

La multi ani, Natalia!