5 March – Down to the sea by train and car all of our gang is travelling

We like to think that most of the best songs to come from Sweden were in the 1980s. Classic after classic after classic. Well, for us they are anyway.

Sometimes the saying about less being more is a wise one. This year’s Melodifestivalen is a case in point. Perhaps it’s time SVT went for the single show approach, cutting out all of the no hopers and distilling the best into one kickass show. But back to the 1980s. In ’87 when we were in Brussels, today’s birthday girl Anna Charlotte “Lotta” Engberg sang about a certain non-alcoholic beverage from the USA. Advertising rules said she couldn’t use that drink’s name in her song, so it became ‘Boogaloo’.

Lotta is 60 today.

Grattis på födelsedagen, Lotta!