Romania make their decision.

Selecția Națională

In a move that literally surprised no one – TVR have decided, with their own brand of Romanian counting, NOT to enter the Eurovision Song Contest.

They did go through the sham of having a directorial board meeting and the results were a 5-4 “Yes” vote with 4 abstentions.  Now, I don’t know about you, but if you abstain, that means you don’t cast a vote either way and, therefore, a majority of the people voting said “yes” – However in a mirror of their national finals of late, it seems that “Abstaining” and “no” mean the same thing – so it didn’t pass.

Instead, they are going to focus on priority projects like the Olympics and other stuff that was, seemingly, more important and, whilst thanking the EBU, they kept their options open for 2025.

If they can learn how to count properly.

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