24 January – There’s nothing I’m afraid of

Do you remember when some countries used to do well? And then us newbies came along and upset no end of apple carts? Some think it’s an outrage.

As you’ll know, anyone can win our favourite TV show. just ask Austria and Portugal. So maybe one day the old guard will triumph again. I’m looking at you, United Kingdom of stuff. It’s generally not been rosy in the 21st Century with the BBC. With a few exceptions. In 2009 in M*sc*w, birthday girl Jade Louise Ewen got the gig after a fair an open competition to sing a song written by Andrew Lloyd-Webber. Confounding most post-2000 finishes by the UK, she only went and came fifth. Good for her. Does Mr L-W need another go?

Jade is 36 today.

Happy birthday, Jade!