France – Can someone lend Babs a stripy top?

Barbara Pravi, France, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021 — EBU / Andres Putting
Barbara Pravi, France, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021

When your very average televoter turns on the telly and watches this big old festival of song, they need to be both entertained *and* know which country is currently singing.  Even without the helpful key at the bottom left anyone within a mile of a television set knows that this is unmistakably French.

That is not a criticism, it’s a positive bonus.  Voila is as identifiable with the country it represents as garlic and baguettes. Barbara hasn’t changed anything since the first rehearsal and, frankly, she didn’t need to. She just needed to ensure it was all on message and boy, this certainly was that.

It’s both dark and moody and yet powerful. It’s a song out of Cabaret and a smoky French lounge in <inset French city>. This should do business all around Europe from all sorts of constituencies: the gays (that apparently watch this show) will love the drama. Nan and Grandad will remember the war and the good old days. Mum and Dad will just see a good song. It has no flaws and in a year when there would be less competition for your vote in the final, a contender for Top One. However….

Phil’s Prediction : Top 5

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