Netherlands – history, culture, and staggering beauty

Netherlands – first rehearsal report here

The first thing I notice is that Jeangu’s ditched the harness that was under his jacket. He’s now just shirtless. I think it is a better look. He’s now got straps around his biceps; reminiscent of those popular in queer leather culture. I’m enjoying the subtle nod to this aspect of his identity as others are shown through the song.

With nothing to prove as hosts I love the fact that Jeangu has seized this opportunity to bring something this good to the stage. To present his culture, his history, and to create a moment that resonates with current global social justice movements, and to do it with such staggering beauty, is a Eurovision moment I shall be forever grateful of.

I would love this to catch the imagination of voters on Saturday, but whatever the outcome we have this moment to cherish forever.

Monty x

Image credits: EBU / THOMAS HANSES

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