Italy – Pure noisy, shouty class.

Måneskin, Italy, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021 — EBU / Andres Putting
Måneskin, Italy, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021

Oh Damiano, you little tease, you’re black look from the rehearsal was, in fact, just rehearsal clothes and you and your chums have gone full red pvc on us!

That’s the only costume change since the first rehearsal but other than that this is like an alarm call to action first thing on a *looks out of the window* damp Saturday morning.  It’s an overused phrase, particularly by fan media, that someone owns the stage but this lot really do – It’s busy and mental and lightshow and, by the time the last run through happens, it’s the entire pyro menu as well which is going to bankrupt RAI so much they might not want to win the contest.  It sounds over the top, because it is, but a proper real rock band deserve all the tricks at the disposal of it’s broadcaster.

There was nothing wrong with any of the actual runthroughs either – just to make a point about what Europe are actually going to see.  There is a lot of “Rock pouting” by everyone and it’s assured and confident as you would expect anyone who is confident in what they are singing to be.  There is some interaction between Damiano and the rest of the band and it looks natural and not forced.  I said on Thursday that this looks like the kind of thing they do every weekend – stick a camera in front of them, and they look no different.

This is clearly a class song, possibly the class song in the contest. My worry is that it’s not “Eurovision” enough for Mr Olafsson to pick the phone up and vote for it – Mind you, we’v said that, since Hard Rock Hallelujah fifteen years ago, you can enter anything you like as long as it’s good – and this is magnificent.

Phil’s prediction : Top 5. 

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3 years ago

Italy this year is pure sex wearing trouser braces. Forget Mr Olafsen. Missus Olafsen is SO much voting for this