It’s Day 8 – what’s coming up today?

Goedemorgen Oneuropeans,

Welkom. It’s Day 8, we’ve had a full week of it so far. It does feel strange to be sat on a Saturday morning having gone to bed before midnight and not having had a banging night out in the EuroClub yet. The pubs in the UK reopen for indoor hospitality on Monday and I have a booking in one of London’s finest ursine gentlemen’s taverns that I’ve not been to in over 15 months so I anticipate that could change considerably next week, even if we can’t yet have dancing.

Here’s what’s coming up today.

The Big 5 and our Dutch hosts get to have another go on the stage today, and we’re here ready to capture them for you. I’ve rushed slightly to get ready for 9am UK only to remember it’s a 9.30 start today. Don’t blink or you’ll miss us – all the rehearsals are scheduled to be over by midday. If they only need half a day I don’t see why they couldn’t have put them in the afternoon and given us a morning of, but hey.

Israel will also get an additional rehearsal as there was a technical issue with their pyrotechnics, although as yet I don’t know when.

A couple of nice additional things to update you with too. First here’s a short interview with Tusse from the BBC.

Secondly, after fans self-organised to agree a sync watch of Eurovision 2019, the last Contest to be held, the EBU has arranged for this to be available as a synced You Tube stream tonight from 8pm UK. What better way to whet the appetite for next Saturday?

Enjoy the final day of individual rehearsals. The Eurovision final is just a week away!

Monty x


Image credits: EBU / THOMAS HANSES

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3 years ago

Also night, Free European Song Contest hosted by Conchita – a German alternative to ESC – a great warm up for next week!