LIVE BLOG: Semi final 1 – First rehearsal

I’m in the virtual press centre watching live and letting you know what (if anything) changes and how the acts are pulling their performances together ahead of tonight’s Jury Final (live blogged by Mr Phil from 8pm UK time on this very site).

We’ll also see a preview of the songs from Italy, Germany and The Netherlands.

If you’d like to read our reviews from the past few days click here:

First rehearsals  | Second rehearsals

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Gregory B.
Gregory B.
1 year ago

just wondering how the semis can be watched from Canada? help please!

Gregory B
Gregory B
1 year ago
Reply to  Mo Fanning

Thanks for your reply 😉
I have doubts regarding YouTube but yup I just figured Omni TV will offer a live stream à la US, meaning buckets of commercials.. better than nothing!