OnEurope’s Golden Fork awards – Days 6 and 7

As was tradition and has now become a tradition again (yeah, that’s a thing, ok?), we do a rundown of the day in our daily awards show, The OnEurope Golden Fork awards!

It’s a Rollover for the  outstanding contributions to the Eurovision landscape and they are are, in order of achievement.

The OnEurope Bronze fork – A coveted prize given to those who were close, but just didn’t make the grade, today goes to:

Flo Rida For being the rapping version of the Scarlett Pimpernel.



The OnEurope Silver fork – A prize given for those moments that are worthy, but not memorable enough, today goes to:

Vincent Bueno : for being outstanding  and making me put 22 English pounds on him at ridiculous odds to be top 10 at Mr Bet Fair because bookies don’t know what we know!


Bully’s Special Prize – Because you can’t beat a bit of Bully, given for those “special” moments you can’t forget, goes to:

Us and you – For sticking through SIXTEEN Rehearsals and making yesterday the site’s biggest visited day this year with over 1000 “sessions” and over 6,000 page views.  eeerm Fanx!

Germany: For making me want to burn it all with fire and never come back to the contest again! – or drown kittens in treacle, your call.

Finally, today’s OnEurope Golden Fork award for achievement, presented not in association with Asparagus World (and yes that’s real) – goes to:

France and Italy and Malta – All three get a prong today because they reminded me why I like the contest, good music and heavy thrash metal with men touching their balls (Yes I saw it Damiano)

Congratulations or Commiserations to all the “Winners”? – More Tomorrow!

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3 years ago

Rehearsals days 5,6 & 7:-

I was working on Wednesday evening so couldn’t comment and to be honest,from what I read, there was not much to comment about.

From the 2nd rehearsals of the semi finalists, I’ll just comment about those who have some changes.
The big 5 and host county get the full treatment.

Malta – improved and back in the race.

Austria – Are we underestimating this?

Portugal – another one where the staging is just awesome. Just forget about the song.

Serbia – Trashy bit works well.

The Big 5 + Host country:
Italy – Coming prepared on first rehearsal?and knocking you out with a good staging, which you can’t ignore, even if the song isn’t your kind of song.

Germany – Frantic and not to everyone’s liking.

The Netherlands – The staging just gives this the extra layer. On a personal note – after all this times, I finally got the song. Yes, it is good song.

France – Classy and push all the emotional buttons. Even those who had doubts are now on-board with this song(exception exit, and that’s fine). Can we have a French win after 44 years?(coincidentally, that’s how long it took the Dutch to win again).

The United Kingdom – Don’t you think it’s a bit too literal, with the staging.

Spain – Apparently it’s a different version than the one we were hearing all these months.

That’s all folks