Serbia. OK, I was wrong, AGAIN

Konstrakta from Serbia, Second Rehearsal
Konstrakta from Serbia, Second Rehearsal

When I first reviewed this for the site’s Countdown I gave this song 1 point because I didn’t understand it. As with The Netherlands yesterday, I was clearly stupid and wrong and deserve to close this site down cos I know nothing… or as sensible people say, I get it.

The first three Thursday songs, in Europe’s head, will go something like this.

“Fuck, Rock”
“Fuck, Camp”
“What the fuck?”

Europe will see Konstrakta and her five backing “dancers” dressed with towels around their necks, and then presenting her with said towels whist she sits washing her hands for three minutes (with the addition, possibly uniquely in Eurovision history, of subtitles on screen at certain points). They’ll also hear “Megan Markle” and then the hand dance that even I can do, and they are going to be strangely drawn in from about fifty seconds to the end.


They won’t know that this song is about health in general or, as Mr Hacksaw has just pointed out, a Serbian star being refused treatment at a hospital because he didn’t have health insurance, or Megan Markle as an abject lesson in the cult of personality and how we should all eschew it. They’ll see “the kooky woman with the hand movements and the washing” performing this song deadpan and, say what you want, Konstrakta and RTS have definitely sold the audience the show on that alone.

She was also totally in control of her rehearsal, giving accurate instructions to the crew about the levels in her ears, something I didn’t hear yesterday or today, and the crew did exactly what she asked. For example “2db down in my headset please” – and RAI went and did it. Shows you the advantage of knowing what to ask for.

If this doesn’t qualify, then something is very wrong.