A velvet box? A poster? Who would send that shite?

1980 was a weird year. Europe decided that a couple of tragic twins and a singing penguin man would finish ninth. A song called Eurovision would end the contest and, if the rumours were going to be right, serve as the final song in the contest’s history.

The UK decided to have A Song for Europe 1980 on budget day but things would go horrifically wrong for the television producers.  A tie, a very quick count back telephone run around the juries again, lots of panic and an 8-6 win for Love Enough for Two and a 4th place in The Hague.

Maggie Moone, the unlucky runner up, would go on to find fame and fortune as a bit part in Thames Television’s “Name that Tune” (along with Sheeba from 1981) but arguably *this* is her finest hour (It’s the whole SFE 1980 set up at the right song).

No… not coming second, rather having her song covered by luminaries such as Frequencia Mod from Chile (singing amended lyrics).

Roger Whittaker (singing the right lyrics).

Eddy Arnold (no, I’ve not heard of him either).


And there are, but I can’t find them right now, some CHINESE Versions of this song but lord above, the original goes into the vault.

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