Confused Europe watches in a stupour as Besa is chosen.

festivali i kenges 62

After a week’s worth of “festival” which could well pass as entertainment, RTSH unleashed a final night of confustion upon Europe with the culmination of the 62nd Festivali i Këngës.

As I understand it, and I am very willing to assert I am wrong here and stick with me, the following 22 songs have got through to the final of the festival

2073Kastro Zizo
ÇmendurMal Retkoceri
Jetën n'skajErina and the Elementals
Nuk jemi mëMelodajn Mancaku
Në ëndërrTiri Gjoci
PikturëKleansa Susaj
Më pritIrma Lepuri
MelosFestina Mejzini
Një kujtimEldis Arrnjeti
Vetëm tyMartina Serreqi
EsencialeBesa Krasniqi
UraganSergio Hajdini
AsajOlimpia Smajlaj
Nan'Anduel Kovaçi
Për vetenMichela Paluca
Edhe një herëPeterPan Quartet
Zemrën n'dorëBesa Kokëdhima
ZgjohuArsi Bako
MarsElsa Lila
Herë pas hereAndi Tanko
S'mund t'fitoj pa tyShpat Deda
MbinatyraleBig Basta and Vesa Luma
ledi KasoÇdo gjë mbaroi Eurovision Only
Eden BajaAjër Eurovision Only
Jasmina HakoTi Eurovision Only
Jehona PonariEvol Eurovision Only
Luan DurmishiPërsëritja Eurovision Only
Olsi BalltaUnë Eurovision Only
Santino De BartoloDua të rri me ty Eurovision Only
Stivi UsheAskush si ty Eurovision Only
Troy BandHorizonti i ëndrrave Eurovision Only

But Phil, You cry, you’ve just reproduced the list of songs.  Yes, but there were then two rounds of voting – the first, by jury only, gave us the winner of the festival (Mal Retkoceri) which, in the old days, would have gone to the Eurovision outright  and, as you can see below, that would have been a treat for eye and ear…

but instead of that, we had a further round of voting, for which all 31 songs were eligible. NOW You understand why the “Eurovision Only” is in the table at the top.

So after all of this, nonsense, the song that went to Eurovision is Zemrën n’dorë sung by Besa Kokëdhima.

She tripped over on the night when she first sang the song back on whatever night it was. I don’t know who was more surprised, Eurofans who have seen the millionth woman with big boobs and lips win the Albanian ticket, the jury who went for the muscle god with the nice arms and the shitty song, or the audience who booed and then cheered when the result was announced.

I’m surprised they didn’t do a Serbia and Montenegro 2007 and throw bottles at the presenters – I was waiting for it!

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5 months ago

The bottle incident happened in 2006.
You’re right: We could’ve had another entry… such as Nan’ by Anduel Kovaçi for a change.