Hungary for success? – A Dal has served up a first course

Gergő Szekér

When one looks back though the Eurovision year, the six week festival of A Dal in Hungary isn’t up there with the likes of Melodifestivalen and DORA and things like that, but some good songs have come out of it … so perhaps, it’s being a little undersold.

Tonight’s package seemed well within their sell-by dates, with nine songs taking part and the top four songs qualifying.

The four jurors scored each song out of 10. The viewers (via an app) also score out of 10, meaning that the maximum score is 50 points. The top five after this round qualify automatically (Q) … with another round of televoting allowing one more through (q).

Complicated? – yes, but this is Eurovision, what do you expect!!

If you’re still awake after that, the results are shown in the table below

SongPerformer(s)PtsPsn2nd Round
NevinostIvana Popovic Martinovic1222
Ja sam ti sanAndrea Demirovic73
NepogrješivoMonika Knezovic44
Uzmi ili ostaviNina Petkovic44
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