Latvia: lovely boots and not a willy in sight

Triana Park at Eurovision

Triana Park complete the first semi-final with an energetic performance. She looks great, with a multi-length hairdo, chopped with sharp edges, in yellow and blue hues, and some natty thigh-high pink boots. She has a neon pink microphone stand, another subtle accessory to help her stand out – not that she needs the help.

The ‘penisgate’ emblem on the backdrop has clearly been addressed, and there’s some additional painting which makes it look not like a cock, though also not really like the Riga monument it was supposed to be.

There’s a nice close up of the drummer at times which is pleasing me no end. It’s altogether more measured than the Latvian final, which is a good thing, as there I felt it a little chaotic. It will liven up the hall to close the show, but I’m still not sure whether it’s enough to get to the final.

Monty x