Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 Part 19 – Israel

Unicorn by Noa Kirel.

Who doesn’t love a unicorn? Whether it’s the all-healing powers of a horny horse throughout mythology or the latter-day adoption of a cuddlier rainbow-shitting unicorn as an emblem of queer culture. Anyone evoking the special energy of the most fabulous of creatures in a Eurovision entry needs to be sure they’re fierce as hell.

To be fair Noa Kirel seems to fit the bill. In her video she’s depicted dancing on the ceiling having left her date alone to chew on the remnants of his dinner, before climbing up the walls of a corridor with her girlfriends.

She does it to the tune of a belting pop track, occasionally forming the upper human part of a centaur. Just how many mythical creatures can she be in three minutes? Towards the end she almost goads us into watching her dance, setting up what one presumes will be a show-stopping Chanel-style dance break and hoping to garner some extra points for artistic impression. At least I hope it’s show-stopping; you can’t draw that much attention to yourself then limply lollop through some flat choreography.

Unicorn is a welcome addition to this year’s line-up for this pop boy, but it does launch into a crowded field of pop ladies with fierce bangers. If something’s got to give, I fear it could be Israel. Or Norway, but we’ll get to that in good time.

My marks: 8 points