More Mello from Sweden

In what many have been calling the weakest yet of semifinals from the once great Melodifestivalen, two more songs made the Grand Final, two more go through to the semifinal. the rest go home.  To be fair those same people are saying that fewer people are watching – forgetting that linear TV is losing visitors hand over fist anyway, but the internet gotta internet!!

All eyes are on next week when Loreen returns to the contest – is it hers to lose? – or will we get that dirge from the other week that seems to be running away with things? Are we heading for a NQ after such a great year in Turin for Sweden?

Here’s the results:

1Paul Rey"Royals"2 (F)
2Casanovas"Så kommer känslorna tillbaka"7
3Melanie Wehbe"For the Show"4 (SF)
4Nordman"Släpp alla sorger"3 (SF)
6Ida-Lova"Låt hela stan se på"5
7Marcus & Martinus"Air"1 (F)