Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Belgium


Each year, it seems, we get someone who struts onto the stage determined to deliver a ‘take me as I am‘ proud to be gay number. Last year we had Israel, this time around, the pink punter is expected to throw their points at Belgium.

Gustaph, though is no Michael Ben David. For all the polish added by his record company, he doesn’t indulge in brattish screams for attention. He has a full and easy-on-the-ear voice, the production is restrained and the message less forced. That all said, ‘Because of you’ veers towards bland and is ever-so-slightly anonymous.

I so hope that Gustaph isn’t forced into clickbait sideshows and become the ‘Yarrs Kerween’ darling of Liverpool, as his performance alone is enough to carry the song.

I will add, it felt longer than three minutes and my attention wandered.

4 Points