It’s not a sprint – It’s a snickers!

There are times when putting this together, that you sit with your head in your hands at the awfulness of the thing that you have chosen, and on this occasion I felt so totally overwhelmed.

“Lets go for something 70’s and Danish,” said Nick, clearly knowing something that I didn’t. So I went to the 1979 Danish final, and rapidly realised that not just one, but SIXTEEN of the SEVENTEEN songs on offer were absolutely … shit – quite frankly. It was a hard job to pick just one to offend your ears.

So I didn’t. I found a video with all 17, so you can share the pain of being a webmaster picking this shite on a Sunday afternoon!

This may well be the only time an entire final gets put into the vault, but if you have 50 minutes to spare – or want to self torture for pleasure – then this is the one for you!

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