Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 37/37 – The UK

In a series that has, sometimes, tested the patience of the writer and the reader, we finally get to the end of the line ( Mind the gap! – All Change!).

The UK have had a seachange in Eurovision attitude in many corners, just not at The Daily Mail, and hosting the contest has certainly reminded people that it damn well exists.  So after Saint Sam Ryder, what has Mae Muller served up?

In brief, a song about her ex boyfriend that drove an XR4I in the video which she trashes but, in a novel twist, she wrote a song rather than beat him around the face – aren’t we lucky!  Well yes, as it happens, we are.  The BBC could have gone backwards after Sam but they have pushed on, along with their friends at TaP,  and have got a bone fide record that would be played on the mainstream stations, and not just in a “lets laugh at our entry” kinda way.

It’s sassy without being too in your face, it’s bold, it’s empowering (yet again!) and it comes with a “spoken” break rather than a dance break.

It’s not gonna set the world on fire – but, hey, a solid entry that pisses off the Daily Mail cos Mae has an opinion must be ok, right?

Phil’s Score – 8 Points