Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 23/37 – Malta

A song can, often very charitably, be described as a collection of words that are set to something akin to “music” for the enjoyment or otherwise of the listener.  Malta seem to, on an annual basis, work to that rather undictionary definition although this year they seem to have take their remit to new lows in both taste and decency.

Busker, a name not exactly filling me with confidence from the get go, walked the Malta Eurovision Song Contest or whatever the hell it was called this year, with a song that extolls the virtues of social awkwardness, bad taste in music, a bit of the old slap and tickle and, potentially, a fetish for Double Knitting.

All of this makes for a heady mix of crap and even the introduction of the Maltese version of “Epic Sax Guy”, probably with the surname Borg, doesn’t make me like it any more than I already did.  This, Alexander Rybak, is not how to write a song.

Phil’s Score – 1 Point for turning up.