Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Moldova

Pasha Parfeni

Pasha Parfeni has found his bride deep in the forest and will marry her under the sun and the moon. Soarele şi Luna is all very new world.

This is EDM meets folk, and will have its fans in Liverpool and across the Eurovision voting world, but the song leaves me cold. I felt much the same about the French entry last year.

It’s pounding drums and chanting, ethnic instrumentation and a competent vocal that does something to lift it above the nul points territory. The kind of song that will overdo strobe lighting and render it unwatchable.

1 Point

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11 months ago

OK. A few articles ago, the esteemed editors of this site were drooling over Cyprus, saying how hot he is (a woman’s opinion: he’s not). You know who’s hot? Pasha. Yep. He’s that alpha-male hotspot that will be attracting votes this year. The song is neither here nor there, but then Moldova has never been about songs. Moldova is a master of performance which will be served by Pasha this year.