Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Netherlands

Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper

Mia and Dion have had a rough old time of it at home (and in fandom) since being picked for Eurovision.

The preview party performances haven’t been great. They lack chemistry  – and having been brought together just for this one song, that’s no shocker. Their vocals haven’t balanced, giving the impression AVROTROS should have gone with one or the other. In the studio, both sound great, but even then, when together, it’s not the pretty harmonious result Duncan Laurence might have had in mind when he rejected this from his next album.

It starts as a traditional ballad – and is incredibly Netherlands at Eurovision – the first few refrains work just great. Still, it descends into a repetitive ‘goodbye old life’ ending. It’s the two songs gaffa-taped together trick that so many others are bringing to Liverpool.

I want to show loyalty to my old home country, but this isn’t their year. It might be a sit-it-out Saturday.

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