The first bit between bits

Eurovision 2024 - Your turn

So obviously you know all there is to know about Semifinal 1 by now. An assortment of stuff happened (some of it various shades of awkward), people around Europe and beyond made decisions, and we bade a fond farewell to Luna, Hera, Fahree and Ilkin, Electric Fields and Natalia.

They’ve all stamped some kind of mark on the contest (rumour has it that Poland was the 200th entry ever to use pyros, and I for one am not going to query it), but Europe isn’t ready for a six hour long final yet so some of them have to leave.

We’ll have plenty more to say about the ten later in the week, but we think we’ve deduced with logic and reasoning who came fourth, and clearly if we don’t say who it was then we can come back in the small hours of Sunday morning and say we were right.

Semifinal 2 also exists, apparently, and we’ll be tucking into that televisual feast over the next couple of days. I took an antisocial day yesterday and stayed at the ranch, Mr. Phil is doing similar at least for this afternoon. I’m in the arena for this afternoon’s technicals and will knock up some sort of literary vignette afterwards, then you can expect the traditional liveblog for the evening show. Mo is covering the afternoon from a desk somewhere just south of Birmingham – internet permitting.

What did you make of it all, dear reader?

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